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T.A.T.A.S (The Acceptance To Anyone Squad)

A bit about the group:

The T.A.T.A.S – The Acceptance To Anyone Squad was setup in April of 2019. Staff Keith O’Driscoll and Darragh Byrne pulled together in creating a space for young people to be themselves comfortably, without fear of judgement or isolation for being themselves. The group initially had one member taking part. Consistently attending each and every week without fail, despite being the only person engaging. This grew overtime and we even went a step further to actually walk in Pride Parade 2019 alongside Youth Work Ireland and Belongto Youth Organisation. The young people designed their own t-shirts for the day, which they displayed proudly around likeminded individuals who share similar visions and acceptance towards those engaged in the LGBTI+ community.

The group has always been progressively expanding and empowering themselves within the Kilmore West Youth Project CLG. They have designed policies such as; “Kilmore West Youth Project’s response to the LGBTI+ annual strategy 2018-2020” and their very own “Residential Policy”. Each member has taken part in the Gaisce presidents award and so far, three members have nearly completed their Gaisce bronze adventure with only the residential to complete. Due to COVID19 the group had to postpone this journey, but the Gaisce award team have accepted them to move onto silver with the intention of completing the Bronze journey when possible. This group has proven time and time again that they are unstoppable. Continuously progressing and finding new initiatives to take part and engage in.

The youth workers simply allow the space to happen, but the young people drive the goals and accomplishments each and every week.

Pride Month 2020

A pivotal month that raises awareness and support for the LGBTI+ community. It provides role models, builds upon community & represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBTI+ community. For anyone celebrating, supporting & taking part in their own way, we want to wish you a lovely Pride month for 2020, despite the current restrictions. Despite the restrictions there will still be an on-line pride parade where people can take part, please see the poster below for further information;


For all things wonderful and to stay up to date, please see the website:

LGBTI+ Booklet

Please see a lovely LGBTI+ booklet for young people and adaults. Within contains information on mental health services, youth projects/services, poetry and a history of the LGBT community from the perspective of Ireland, United Kingdom & USA.

LGBTI+ Booklet

Asexuality Booklet

Asexuality Booklet

These booklets were designed and created by Jaymie Doyle, a young person with a passion for sharing and expanding knowledge on the LGBTI+ community. Providing further awareness for the hidden part of the LGBTI+ community.

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