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Here in Kilmore West Youth Project CLG we have staff continuously undertaking trainings, furthering developing our understanding of what young people's needs are and trying to be innovative in setting up new and exciting resource materials that could be further utilised by other projects and schools.

Risk Awareness Program

The Risk Awareness Program was created by Lorna Osborne-Ryan who has worked as a youth justice worker in the Kilmore West Youth Project CLG for a number of years. Lorna created this essential program that enhances young people's understanding of the various risks that may impact on young people's decision-making skills and potentially put themselves further at risk. The aim of the program is to enhance understanding, further develop young people's ability to determine what is a risk and empower young people as a result. For further information please see the poster below and do not hesitate to contact any email provided on the website to seek out furter information.


Services Map

The services map was initially a much smaller project sought out by Darragh Byrne & Keith O'Driscoll. At first our ambition was to have a list of services in the area of Kilmore. Over time we expanded this idea and took it much further. Below is a PDF file that will show you a map of most available services ranging from youth projects, community centres & counselling type services. All the way to various sports clubs in the area that you might consider getting your young person engaged in. The hub is based in our project here in Kilmore West and surrounds a 7km radius! If you think we're missing something important, be sure to let us know and we hope you find this resource useful:

Services Map

Online Services Map

Services Map (Online version):

Initiative Program

The initiative program was setup by Keith O'Driscoll & Darragh Byrne with the intent on equipping young people with the necessary skills to attain and maintain employment. It was setup after feedback from local employers after introducing the "Work to Learn" program in 2018, which gave 3 young people the opportunity to engage in 4 hours a week employment, while being paid. Managers fed back to staff the lack of initiative and so we decided in 2019 to support the program we would design a program intended to empower young people in the workplace. This program was delivered to St. Davids CBS in 2019 and received overwhelming feedback. If you're interested please do not hesitate to contact us in the project and see if we can deliver it. (Primarily aimed at transition years & 5th/6th years engaging in work experience)


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